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Human Resources Audit

The Human Resource Audit is a review of the human resource functions, services, organizational structure, processes, and staffing components. This review serves as a resource for the effectiveness of the Human Resource (HR) Department in conjunction with the overall effectiveness of the operations of a school district.

The HR Audit focuses on a review of six components of an HR Department. The six components are as follows:

  • Climate
  • Organizational Structure
  • Employment Process
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Recruitment
  • Employee Relations and Benefits

During the audit, a complete review of HR documents, comparisons of various data resources, interviews of HR staff, campus/department administration, and a random survey of newly hired staff in a designated period to determine the overall efficiency of the HR department.

When completed, a series of findings and recommendations will be reflected in a report to address areas pertaining to the six components of an HR department.

ESC Contact:

Steve Pierce,, 936.435.8203