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Contracted Services

The Region 6 Bilingual ESL Contracted Fee Service provides a comprehensive range of assistance and professional development designed to support LEAs in the administration of Bilingual and ESL Programs that meet federal, state, and local program requirements.  Services focus on the support of instructional practices to enhance biliteracy as well as linguistically accommodated content for English learners aligned to required components for program compliance.  Services include, but are not limited to:     

Technical Assistance in:

  • Director meetings and ongoing electronic correspondence and newsletters with bilingual and ESL information, updates, clarifications, and/or guidance
  • Accountability and performance measures pertinent to English learners
  • Individualized Bilingual and ESL program: planning, development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Bilingual exceptions and/or ESL waivers
  • Bilingual and ESL program implementation, compliance, evaluation, and resources in alignment with Bilingual and ESL program requirements
  • Student data analysis
  • The allowable use of state Bilingual Education Allotment funds

Regional training opportunities in the areas of:


  • LPAC identification, progress monitoring, reclassification, and ARD & LPAC collaboration
  • LPAC decision-making designated supports for STAAR and TELPAS
  • Bilingual exceptions and/or ESL waivers: Application and comprehensive professional development plan 
  • Results Driven Accountability (RDA) improvement process, self-assessment, and improvement plans
  • Administrator  professional development series
  • Overview sessions to help teachers prepare for the supplemental certification in Bilingual and ESL Instruction
  • Instructional strategies for classrooms with English learners
  • Basic overview and implementation of the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS)
  • Formative assessment and progress monitoring of English learners
  • Professional development series in biliteracy instruction and ESL instruction
  • A Regional Annual Bilingual ESL Conference