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Driver Education




  • PHASE 1 – Online Classrooom Instruction
  • PHASE 2 – Parent Taught - Behind-the-Wheel Instruction 
    • This includes TWO Steps, so make sure to complete BOTH!
      • Step 1 – Register with TDLR to teach Parent Taught for BTW Instruction (this is not a step with us, but MUST be done)
      • Step 2 – Purchase Behind-the-Wheel Curriculum: 
  • PHASE 3 – Schedule the DPS Road Test (Driving Test):


Driver Education – 2020 ~ 2021​

In an attempt to continue efforts of keeping our students, staff, and their families safe, all Face-to-Face Driver Education Programs are no longer available.  We do, however, have other options available to get your child on the path to their driver's license. 

Above are links to ALL Phases needed to complete Driver Education through Region 6 Education Service Center!

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. 



Contact: 936.435.8321 or


  • Driver Education 32 Hour License On Line "LOL" Program
  • Driver Education Parent Taught Course 106 "Ready SET Drive"
  • Driver Education Teacher Certification Training
  • Driver Education Virtual School 101 "A SAFE Drive into the Future" (TXVSN)

Visit to register for the following: