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Current/Upcoming Bid Opportunities



The following opportunities will be available in Sept. 2024

Elevator / Escalator – Equipment, Installation, Service
Playground – Equipment, Installation, Service
Promotional Products
Security – Systems, Supplies, Service
Sports Facilities – Equipment, Supplies, Installation, Services
Janitorial – Equipment, Supplies, Services
Food Service – Equipment, Parts, Supplies, Services
Career & Technology Education (CTE) – Equipment, Supplies, Services
Vendors interested in doing business with EPIC6 and its member buyers are encouraged to register with the ESC6 eMarketplace e-bidding and supplier management system. This electronic procurement system allows EPIC6 and its members to maintain accurate information about ESC6 eMarketplace registered vendors and the goods and services they offer. It electronically notifies those registered vendors of applicable bid opportunities. In addition, it allows registered vendors to electronically submit bids to EPIC6.
To participate in the ESC6 eMarketplace system, please register online at:
Click on "Supplier Registration" and follow the prompts to complete the registration process. 
All bid notifications will be sent to the e-mail address on file so it is imperative that the vendor information be kept current. You are encouraged to include more than one company “User” when you register. It is the sole responsibility of each vendor to maintain and update their company’s information on the e-bidding site.
NOTE: By registering with ESC6 eMarketplace vendors are added to the EPIC6 Bidder's List and will receive automated e-mail notifications regarding bid opportunities associated with commodities selected by the vendor within the system. A vendor that has registered with ESC6 eMarketplace IS NOT considered an "authorized vendor" or "awarded vendor".  A vendor must submit a bid and be awarded a contract before becoming a EPIC6 vendor.