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Field Services - Strategic Solutions

Region 6 ESC has been a leader in providing school board training for our region, and beyond, for over fifty years.  Our Field Services team has collective experience of over 175 years of service in the profession of public education.  We are equipped to meet the diverse needs of districts throughout the region and can develop training presentations to meet the needs of your school board and district.  It is our desire to partner with you in the training and development of your school board members and look forward to working with you in this effort.  If you would like to inquire about these or other training opportunities, please feel free to contact any of our Field Services team members at your convenience.  Let us know if we can help and have a great year!


Region 6 Education Service Center Field Service Agents assist in the development and implementation of an effective two-way communications network which will result in a strong collaboration between TEA, various ESC departments, and local school districts.


John Conley II,
wk: 936-435-8204
cell: 979-877-8616

Steve Pierce
wk: 936-435-8203

Robert Westbrook
wk: 936-435-8219

Suzie McWilliams
wk: 936-435-8202


  • To provide support and build lasting relationships with ESC 6 Superintendents​

  • ​To provide ESC 6 Superintendents with  ESC 6 solutions for problems they may encounter ​

  • To keep Superintendents apprised of new and relevant information from both state and federal levels​

  • ​To provide trainings relevant to their needs and that of their Boards​

                                                                                                   TO SERVE


John Conley Suzie McWilliams Steve Pierce Robert Westbrook

John Conley, Th.D.
Board Training,
Superintendent Meetings

Suzie McWilliams
Strategic Planning
New Superintendent Academy

Steve Pierce
Board Training,
School Business & Finance
Superintendent Certification

Robert Westbrook
Board Training,
School Business & Finance


It is important that school board members are aware of and receive quality training every year. Topics are in statute, specifically Texas Education Code section 11.159 and 19 Texas Administrative Code section 61.1. Board members register for training and then provide a copy of the training certificate to the appropriate staff person at the school district office. This person is oftentimes the Superintendent's administrative assistant. He/she will be responsible for submitting training hours to the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) each year. 

School Board Trustee Training 


Every district must address the issues surrounding essential financial processes. Among these most fundamental to a school district are setting/adopting the tax rate, understanding your summary of finance (SOF), estimating total revenue, and others that are critical to healthy financial stability in your district.

Below are the areas of responsibility that ESC 6 can assist and provide guidance. You may select only those areas you will need assistance with or you may choose to select the entire suite of items indicated. As always, we wish to partner with you as you navigate the landscape of finance in your district.

Financial Essentials Categories:

  • Template calculations
  • Summary of Finance
  • Setting the legal tax rate
  • Public Notices and Public Hearings
  • Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST)


Robert Westbrook,, 936.435.8219

Steve Pierce,, 936-435-8203


The Texas Education Code 37.108 states: "At least every three years, each school district shall conduct a safety and security audit of the districts's facilities. To the extend possible, a district shall follow safety and security audit procedures developed by the Texas School Safety Center or a comparable public or private entity". Audits should be an ongoing process and attention to safety and security should not be thought of as an annual or a once-every three year event.

To assist districts with school safety and school audits, Region 6 has a safety team who can help you with audits. This team will conduct an on-site audit that follows the requirements of TEC 37.108 and will provide the district with an written audit report assessing the safety and security of the campuses and other required facilities.

For further information or for contracting for a safety team to come to you district to complete an audit please contact the program person below.

Amy Moser


Additional Resources:

The Texas School Safety Center

School Safety Audit Resources

The National School Safety Center


The Field Service Team also offers the valuable Strategic Planning Process. Working with school districts, we will lead your district through the development of the key components of planning strategically. This includes the development/update of vision statements, mission statements, and strategic goals designed specifically for your district. The strategic planning process will provide the basis for school district direction and decision-making for the next 5-7 years.


John Conley II,, 936.435.8204