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Preschool/Early Childhood

The Region 6 Preschool Collaborative has two primary service goals: provide regular and sustained professional development to support the classroom teacher, and assist principals/directors in understanding and implementing the state standards. This program will provide high quality professional development for teachers and support staff. It will also assist principals/directors with compliance in the state standards and ensure your program meets the Gold Standard. Most importantly, it will create a dependable system that will ensure staff is able to provide the level of instruction that will close achievement gaps.p> Read More

School Safety

Before students can learn academically at school, they need to feel safe. Students not only need to feel safe but need to be in facilities that are safe and secure and be taught by teachers and administrators who have instructional knowledge in handling behavior problems at school to preserve dignity, respect, and individual rights of students and staff.

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Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology

The technical assistance and training efforts within this function focus on providing school personnel with opportunities to become aware of and to preview cutting-edge assistive technology, communication aids, and software through on-site assistance and workshops. Staff development is available in integrating technology and curriculum, consideration process, and interdisciplinary team development.

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Upcoming Events

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Response to Intervention for Preschool (PRTI)
Date: 10/12/2015, 9 AM 3 PM
Getting to Know Google Classroom
Date: 10/13/2015, 9 AM 3 PM
Principal's Network
Date: 10/13/2015, 9 AM 3:30 PM
RtI: Critical Elements for Academic and Behavioral Interventions
Date: 10/13/2015, 9 AM 3 PM
Writing for Young Children
Date: 10/13/2015, 9 AM 3 PM
Location: Region 6 Thomas Poe Professional Development Center
CSI (Connecting Standards to Instruction)
Date: 10/14/2015, 9 AM 3 PM
Scoliosis (Spinal) Screening Training
Date: 10/14/2015, 9 AM 12 PM

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Blood Drive

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center Commit for Life blood drive - October 19

Literacy, Language and Learning Conference

Participants will have the opportunity to attend sessions over many topics relating to ELAR, collaborate with colleagues, and gather instructional practices used in the ELAR classroom. Participants will have the opportunity to learn innovative instructional approaches, acquire a wealth of teaching resources, and leave feeling rejuvenated.

The Essentials of Science

Where is U.S. secondary-level science education heading today? That's the question that The Essentials of Science, sets out to answer. Over the last century, U.S. science classes have consistently relied on lectures, textbooks, rote memorization, and lab demonstrations. But with the onset of NCLB-mandated science testing and increased concern over the United States' diminishing global stature in science and technology, public pressure is mounting to educate students for a deeper conceptual understanding of science.

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