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Reading Academies

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Region 6 Texas Reading Academies

Region 6 is proud to serve as a TEA Authorized Provider for House Bill 3 Texas Reading Academies.

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House Bill 3 (HB 3), passed by the 86th Texas Legislature in June of 2019, requires all kindergarten through third grade teachers and principals to attend Texas Reading Academies by the 2021-2022 school year. Enrollment by 2022 meets this requirement. To request information or support, please email us at 


Pre Registration for 2020-2021 is now closed.

Official registration and next steps are being shared with participaing districts. Please contact with questions

Current TEA Statement on Reading Academies

Currently, Reading Academies activities are remote and proceeding as planned. We will continue to assess and address timelines on a weekly basis. At this time, all previously communicated Reading Academies timelines communicated and committed to, are still in effect, in part because Reading Academies was always intended to be an online-accessible experience.

Currrent TEA Statement on Reading Academies (continued)

One change, however, is that any event that previously was expected to be on-site (i.e. in Austin), such as Cohort Leader Training, is now proceeding under an expectation that the event will be virtual, fully-online and remote. As a reminder, Reading Academies is structured to allow Authorized Provider and the districts to make decisions that are best for their local context. As those contexts change, Authorized Providers and districts may want to revise planning, including the number of and schedule for cohorts, based on new information.