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COVID-19: Instructional Support

Region 6 ESC is Dedicated to Serve our districts during this time of remote learning and extended school closures. Our commitment to you is, and will continue to be, based on customized service and personalized relationships. This webpage includes links to helpful resources, specialist contact information, and the announcement of our upcoming regional collaborative webinars. Please see below for specific details:

Click HERE to share pictures of your district’s response to COVID-19.


The Teaching and Learning department will host regional collaborative webinars throughout this time of remote learning and school closures. Our goal is to give teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators the opportunity to share ideas, discuss specific situations, and collaborate regionally. Join us for our upcoming webinars by using the following links: 

Math Webinar Thursday 8:30 a.m.                    Reading Language Arts Thursday 10 a.m.                    Science Thursday 11:30 a.m.

Social Studies Thursday 1 p.m.                    Dyslexia Thursday 1 p.m.                    Early Childhood Thursday 2:30 p.m.

Curriculum and Instructional Leaders Webinar 4/7/20                     English Learner Support Webinar


All Contents                         Counselor Support

CTE                           Digital Tools

Dyslexia                      Early Childhood

English Learners                       Gifted and Talented Digital Tools 

Inclusion Digital Tools          Math

Reading Language Arts                    Science

Social Studies                    Virtual Tours

Region 6 ESC Instructional Support Disclaimer:

The Teaching and Learning Department at Region 6 ESC is providing a collection of digital resources that are a compilation of information available from our own resources, educational websites, and the internet. This collection is simply an archive and does not represent suggestions by Region 6 ESC.  

Districts and campuses are the best judges of appropriate technology material specific to their student needs. Please feel free to contact any Teaching and Learning Specialist for additional needs.


Sample Parent/Student Contact FormInstructional Continuity Plan - Shared by New Caney ISDRemote Learning Plan and Grading Guidance Sealy ISDAt-Home Learning Grading Guidance Bryan ISDAt-Home Learning Website College Station ISDDifferentiating in a Remote Learning Setting - Bryan ISDProviding Meaningful Feedback Splendora ISD


For students who do not have digital access, or in situations where it is more appropriate, low tech or paper-based options can be utilized. Please review the possible solutions to logistical issues:

  • Pair with meal distribution processes

  • Establish distribution locations throughout district

  • Organize pickup times in school parking lots

Items to consider: manipulatives, learning kits, books, handouts, technology‚Äč




Information regarding best practices for distance learning, including training videos to support remote teaching, can be found using the following link:



The safety of our students is always a top priority. During this time of digital exploration and online student interaction we encourage you to review your district technology policy and local technology user agreement. 




For students who may not have access to the internet, multiple options are now available. Please review these possible solutions:

  • Establishing mifi (hotspot) locations throughout districts

  • Enabling district wifi in school parking lots

  • Collaborating with local businesses to open wifi in parking lots 

  • Research local internet provider options as many are currently offering free or very low cost options 

  • Additionally, in an effort to support digital connectivity in districts that have limited options, Region 6 ESC has purchased 100 mifi’s. Superintendents have communicated needs to Region 6 executive leadership for mifi distribution. 





Wisdom, offered by Gabbart Communications, is a learning management system that offers analytical reporting, content and instructional resources, easily created course curriculum, and communication tools for school districts. 

For information regarding setup, training, and ongoing support please use the following link:



Wisdom Logo Owl


The TEA website will be updated as often as possible in an effort to keep school districts informed.

TEA: Guidance and SupportTEA: Instructional Continuity PlanningTEA: Guidance on GradingTEA: Public Health ResourcesTEA Summary Debrief




The Special Education department provides technical assistance and training in the development, implementation and evaluation of programs serving students with disabilities for increased student achievement. For more information regarding special education updates and resources during this time of school closures please use the following link:

Special Education


TEA Briefing          SAT Testing          TSIA Testing

ACT Testing          AP Testing          AP Testing Online Support


The Teaching and Learning department at Region 6 ESC is committed to assisting teachers, administrators, and leadership teams during this time of transition. Please use the following contact information for Teaching and Learning support specialists:


      Courtney Andrews 9364358387                         Susan Cryer 9364358369                            Crissie Fowler 9364358219                     Adena Frazier 9364358299         


  Elizabeth Keith 9364358227                        Alan Lowman 9364358226                           Kimberly Lupton 9364358379                    Susan McCown 9364358270           

        Jill Rouse 9364358223                                       Sarah Wright 9364358304                                            ESC 6 logo                                         Teaching and Learning logo

Join us on our Slack workspace to collaborate with ESC specialists and other districts. This short video will help you navigate through the workspace.

R6 Communication Slack Workspace          Slack Directions

Visit our Facebook page and Twitter feed for more ideas and updates.

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