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Instructional Coaching

Instructional coaching assists districts in developing high quality instruction for all students in each of the four content areas. Coaches work on-site with teachers and administrators to analyze and interpret a variety of instructional data, help set goals for instruction, develop and improve instructional programs and implement strategies that are research-based. Instructional Coaching is conducted during official school hours, from the start of the students’ day until the students’ day ends. Instructional Rounds, a process used by teachers to share teaching practices to strengthen classroom instruction so that students learn in deeper, more authentic ways, can be used to enhance the coaching effectiveness. Focused, rubric-driven, content-specific observations are also available. Districts have several options:

Option 1: Instructional Rounds

The technique of Instructional Rounds will be used to promote reflection on teaching practices. Instructional Rounds are available for each of the core subject areas. It is recommended that Instructional Rounds occur at least once a semester to be effective.

Option 2: Instructional Rounds Plus Professional Development/On-Site Assistance

Instructional Rounds will be conducted first to determine the professional development or technical assistance needs of staff. Then, targeted, site-specific professional development or assistance will be provided to enhance learning and students’ success. A minimum of two Instructional Rounds, one per semester, is recommended.

Option 3: Observation Plus Professional Development/On-Site Assistance

Focused classroom observations will be conducted to determine the strengths and needs of students and staff. Then, targeted, site-specific professional development and/or assistance will be provided to enhance learning and students’ success. It is recommended that a minimum of two observations are conducted; one per semester.

Sarah Wright,