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Career Center Services


The Career Center is designed to attract qualified personnel for Region 6 schools. Region 6 ESC will facilitate employment with districts through annual activities in the areas of recruitment and referral.

To see employment opportunities with Career Center Services member districts, please click here. If you are interested in submitting your qualifications for Career Center Service member districts, please click here.

Recruitment activities occur in both fall and spring and include Region 6 staff members/recruiters, attending university job fairs to solicit potential educators for the Career Center Services--Personnel Coop member school districts. The names of prospective new teachers are then added to the Career Center database to enable member districts to view by certification area of each potential candidate. The school may then contact the candidate directly.

There is an annual fee for member districts, but there is no cost to the prospective teachers.

If a school district does not choose to join the Career Center Services--Personnel Cooperative, they may inquire about their district's options to post a vacancy with Region 6, on a one-time posting basis. Please call for detailed information and fee.

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