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Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL)

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Building Capacity District-Wide

Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) is a suite of trainings designed to build capacity within the whole district.  The training and coaching components are focused on supporting the district and campus leaders to foster continuous improvement on each campus.  TIL is for anyone that wants to increase overall student achievement and is aligned to many of the best practices identified in the Effective Schools Framework (ESF).  


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Components of a TIL Training

There are three components to every TIL training.  We start with face to face training for the principal supervisor, principal and campus leadership team.  These trainings are provided in a cohort setting where participants will learn and practice instructional leadership skills in a low stakes setting.  The second component of TIL is implementation support.  Following the face to face training, a Region 6 TIL coach will assist participants in implementing their new skills either virtually or in-person and provide additional tailored support.  The third component is designed to give Principal supervisors one-on-one coaching from trainers on how to best guide their principals towards successfully strengthening and implementing their new skills for lasting change.  

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TIL Trainings

Action Coaching

Action Coaching

ESF Essential Actions 1.1, 2.1

Action Coaching is intended to provide campus and district leaders opportunities to develop proficiency in establishing and coaching toward effective instructional practices in every classroom. It shifts the way we view teacher observation moving from evaluating teachers to developing them.  



ESF Essential Actions  1.1, 5.1, 5.3

Data Driven Instruction is a highly effective, research-based training that guides teachers and administrators to spend less time teaching their students what they already know and more time on what their students need. It also answers the questions, “How do I know if my students are learning? And if they aren’t, what do I do?

Student Culture

Student Culture

ESF Essential Actions 1.1, 3.1

Culture is not formed by motivational speeches or statements of values. It is formed by the repeated practice of good habits. Leaders of schools with strong student culture don’t achieve it through sheer force of personality, they develop a vision for each part of the school day, and then bring their vision for excellence to life by building systems that enable staff and students to know what they should be doing and when at all parts of the day with a high level of detail. 

Lesson Planning & Formative Assessment


ESF Essential Actions 1.1, 5.1

Administrators will learn how to coach teachers to develop strong lesson plans informed by data and design quality formative assessment. This training provides a process for ensuring lesson plans are aligned, rigorous, and data-driven.