The Teacher Toolkit!

Engaging techniques for effective teaching

For every tool you'll find:

An explanation of how and when to use it
A template students can use to implement the tool
A place to take notes about how you use each tool

We're also adding videos that will show you the strategies in action.

Easy ESL Games - A ton of ESL games for making language teaching fun. ESL games, songs, and downloadable resources for ESL and EFL teachers.

ESL games and activities for adult English learners

Judie Haynes

Colorin Colorado - A bilingual site for educators and families


Literacy Center Education Network


For Parents

U.S. Department of Education/ El Departamento de Educación de los Estados Unidos

Storyplace the Childrens Digital Learning Library --English/Spanish

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives/ Biblioteca nacional de manipulativos virtuales (matemáticas)

Curiosikid/ Caracas, Venezuela/ Interactive Science Experiments Spanish/Experimentos interactivos de ciencias en español

Sites for Grades 1-2