Social Studies

Social Studies services provides support to administrators, instructional coaches, and teachers in the following areas:

  • Staff development in the areas of social studies TEKS/STAAR, curriculum development, effective teaching and learning strategies, and integrating social studies with other disciplines and technologies
  • Instructional Coaching regarding best practices in the social studies classroom
  • Information and resources regarding TexQuest and Mock Trial competition


http://texquest.net/search - You can access all of the resources from here.

http://texquest.net/texquesttraining - links to webinars, training requests, etc. The DIY training on the right hand side was created this year by each provider so that librarians/technologists would have quick "how to" videos to watch and then turn around on their campuses.

http://texquest.net/programmaterials - links to our resource guide, materials to connect teachers and students with TexQuestresources.

Alan Lowman, Social Studies Specialist, alowman@esc6.net