Preschool/Early Childhood

Preschool Collaborative

The Region 6 Preschool Collaborative has two primary service goals: provide regular and sustained professional development to support the classroom teacher, and assist principals/directors in understanding and implementing the state standards. This program will provide high quality professional development for teachers and support staff. It will also assist principals/directors with compliance in the state standards and ensure your program meets the Gold Standard. Most importantly, it will create a dependable system that will ensure staff is able to provide the level of instruction that will close achievement gaps.

Reading Assessment Data Submission

All school districts are required to electronically report each kindergarten student’s raw score on kindergarten reading instruments each year.

Please be advised that TEA has released requirements for reporting your beginning of the year kindergarten screening data. The information is contained in the TAA from TEA. If you have any questions regarding your submission of data, please contact Region 6 as soon as possible. Link to TEA letter: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/index4.aspx?id=25769811355

All reporting will be completed through the ECDS (Early Childhood Data System). Complete information can be obtained regarding submissions, timelines, and instructions on preparing data on the TEA website for following the link provided: http://castro.tea.state.tx.us/tsds/teds/2015F/v2.0/ds10/teds-ds10.ecds.pdf

Template for submission: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/TSDS/TEDS/TEDS_Section_10_-_TSDS_Core_Collections/

Prekindergarten reporting is recommended but not required.

Texas public schools and charter schools may choose any instrument listed on the current Commissioner's List of Reading Instruments for Texas Public Schools and Charter Schools. All instruments are on a 4-year cycle, and once an assessment is ordered, the school will only be reimbursed once every 4 years.

To order TPRI and/or Tejas LEE, you may access the site at www.tpriandtjl.com .

To order instruments other than TPRI and Tejas LEE, school districts and charter should choose from the current approved Commissioner's List, and follow the steps below to receive their cost cap reimbursement ($5. per student once every 4 years). School districts must use a complete option from the current Commissioner's List to be reimbursed. In other words, if an option contains more than one assessment instrument, the district must administer all of the tests to ensure that all reading domains are evaluated.

Susan Cryer, scryer@esc6.net