School Board Trainings

The Region 6 Field Service Team offers a variety of school board training options that meet the state requirements for board members. Please find below the different board training levels that should be satisfied each year in most cases.

Tier One Training (3 hours)

  • The “Orientation to the Education Code.” This is a mandated training that presents an overview of governance responsibilities as specified in law.
  • The “Update to the Education Code” is required for board members and focuses on any updates to the Texas Education Code. Also, addresses any relevant legal developments related to school governance.

Tier Two Training (3 hours)

  • This training is focuses on team building. It is designed to enhance the board/superintendent effectiveness through an emphasis of working together as a “Team of 8.”

Tier Three Training (5 hours for experienced or 10 hours for 1st year board members)

  • This training for board members is designed to meet locally identified needs. It can be delivered in 1-3 hour segments and provides the continuing education requirements as outlined in Senate Bill 1.

John Conley II, jconley@esc6.net, 936-435-8204
Dr. Brian Zemlicka, bzemlicka@esc6.net, 936-435-8285