Purchasing Services

Purchasing Services provides specialized assistance with all purchasing-related functions. Evaluation of bids, assistance in contract awards, auditing of purchasing policies and procedures, and training are available. Services include:

Bid / Proposal Packet Component Evaluation

Audit and evaluation of district’s basic bid / proposal packet components. Emphasis will be on verification of required components of bid / proposal packets, as well as editing.

Bid / Proposal Assistance

Facilitate development of bid / proposal packet for distribution to vendor(s). NOTE: Major technology projects are exempt from this service.

  • Basic Bid / Proposal Packet – Categories include those that do not require product(s) specification research or numerous variables.
  • Intermediate Bid / Proposal Packet – Categories would include those that require minimal products(s) specification research and/or variables.
  • Extensive Bid / Proposal Packet – Categories that would require extensive product(s) specification research and numerous variables.
  • Bid / Proposal Contract Award Assistance – Assist with bid / proposal evaluation and award process. Award recommendation would be based on variables established in bid / proposal guidelines.

Purchasing Department Audit 

Comprehensive or customized audit of district purchasing policies and procedures. Data is gathered during on-site visit. A written report will be submitted to the school district.

Purchasing Classes / Training / Workshops

Training offered throughout the year with emphasis on purchasing-related topics and content. In addition, districts may request trainings to be held at their location, for district-specified content.

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