Aware - an advanced system for simplifying test construction, administering assessments, and analyzing student progress. Aware provides a tool that can assist educators with making proper instructional decisions and can analyze multiple indicators of students success. Aware is test development and experience, versatile information, student monitoring and data analysis at your fingertips.

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Heat Maps with Student Learning Reports - Data Heat Maps are data visualizations that create color-coded “maps” of student performance at the student expectation (SE) level of the TEKS. The Data Heat Maps are designed to help campus leaders identify critical areas for teacher support and professional development. The functionality now includes the ability to compare local assessments as well as STAAR data.

  • Math: 2-8, Algebra I, Reading: 2-8, English I, II, III
  • Writing: 4 and 7
  • Science: 2-8, Biology, Physics, Chemistry
  • Social Studies: 8, US History
  • Coming for Fall 2015: Geometry and Algebra II

TEKS Scaffold- The lead4ward TEKS Scaffold Documents are great tools for vertically aligning student expectations (SEs) across grade levels. The new Scaffold Document Aware reports will allow districts to populate these with district or campus STAAR data.

Leadership Report Cards - Introduced in lead4ward’s staar4ward leading learning series, the Leadership Report Cards are versions of Heat Maps that can be used by district and campus leaders to analyze aggregated local assessments at each grading period/cycle. These specially customized reports will populate with STAAR data and relevant local tests designed as a part of a comprehensive district/campus assessment program.

Quintiles Reports: Quintiles use student data from any assessment and divide the data into 5 equal parts. This tool analyzes student performance gaps and the distribution of scores. Aware will now generate a quintile report, based on lead4ward's design, for local and state assessments. This report can be displayed at various levels including district and school.

Enhanced Curriculum Views: A powerful new tool for lead4ward, these new curriculum views replace the Heat Map by Unit. Designed to bring your scope and sequence, lesson planning data, state data, and local assessment data all together for you, this new view can empower you with information to evaluate your order of instruction, assessment alignments, and professional development planning.

Forethought - a powerful planning tool to assist development of complete curriculum activities. Create lessons with a fully-featured, teacher friendly planner that directly integrates with district resources and state standards. Forethought is adaptable and responsive, intertwined and team focused.

Logistical Applications for Enhanced Organization

Formspace - Automate district and public forms and surveys with advanced workflows to route information to the right personnel.

Helpdesk - provides an approachable interface for all district staff by creating a single access point for multiple departments.

Facilities and Events - A consolidated tool to manage both school inventory and facilities, and create dynamic usage reports.

Julia Woods