DMAC Data Management for Assessment and Curriculum

State Assessment

State Assessment is a complete web-based tool for analyzing the state assessment results of STAAR, TAKS, and TELPAS. It allows Texas school leaders, Administrators, and Teachers to work smarter, not harder. User-friendly instructional, demographic, comparison, and trend reports are available for you to customize. Generate reports with a few clicks for parent conferences, ARDs, or PLC meetings. All reports can be created at various levels or scopes to help monitor students' progress (i.e., state, regional, district, campus, class, teacher or student levels). DMAC does not limit the use of your data. Create custom queries to identify specific groups or subpopulations, and then generate student tutorial reports to help with creating targeted instructional strategies for students.

  • Disaggregate STAAR, TAKS and TELPAS data
  • Analyze your data based on STAAR Reporting Categories and student performance on Readiness/Supporting standards and Process Skills
  • Create custom student tutorials and heat maps that identify areas of concern to prepare for STAAR

lead4ward Module in DMAC

DMAC has partnered with lead4ward to create a separate module that is designed to reflect the reports lead4ward showcases during their statewide trainings on how to disaggregate STAAR and local assessment data to help improve student performance.
The functionality of the new module mirrors that of DMAC's State Assessment and TEKScore applications; however, the reports are formatted specifically to reflect the recommendations of lead4ward. The module also pulls both state and local data into one convenient web-based application.
Reports can be generated at the District, Campus, Teacher and Class levels and include the following:

  • Curriculum Heat Map by Standard Type
  • Curriculum Heat Map by Reporting Category
  • Curriculum Heat Map by Reporting Category – Genre
  • Quintile Report


  • Teacher Perceptions by SE
  • Teacher Perceptions by Genre


  • Student Performance by Reporting Category and Grade Level Mathematics
  • Student Performance by Reporting Category and Grade Level Reading

To add the lead4ward module to your contract, you will need to follow the same process as you did to purchase your existing applications. Contact your local Regional DMAC representative or ESC for information on adding it to your contract.

TAG - (TEKS Assessment Generator)

TAG is a web-based program that allows educators to create assessments in order to monitor student progress. Creating local assessments gives administrators and teachers the ability to monitor student progress and to make data-driven instructional decisions based on specific strengths and weaknesses.

  • Easily modify tests. Schools utilizing the web-based platform of TAG are provided with complete control over the selection, placement and editing of all assessment items. Administrators and Teachers have the ability to modify any item description or answer choice to fit the specific instructional needs of their students.
  • Create customized local assessments tied to the appropriate Student Expectations by grade level along with the Supporting/Readiness Standards and Process Skills
  • Filter assessment items by Depth of Knowledge, genre, readability level, reporting category, keyword and more
  • Insert locally developed test items and graphics


TEKScore is a complete web-based tool developed by DMAC for scoring and analyzing TEKS-based assessments. The user may create custom test keys directly aligned to the student expectations and set custom levels of mastery. This will allow schools to make instructional decisions based on specific student strengths and weaknesses. TEKScore reduces benchmarking time in half by integrating cutting-edge technology tools.

  • Quickly copy TEKS Resource System, TAG, and TEA released test keys tied to STAAR standards to create custom local assessments
  • Access to historical documents
  • Pre-code answer documents to save time and ensure accuracy of results
  • Scan and score local assessments online with real-time results and reporting capabilities

Student Portfolio

The Student Portfolio is a FREE web-based component of DMAC Solutions that allows users to access personalized data for each student they have access to view.

  • Total Integration of web-based state, local, and individual student data that transfers seamlessly with students K-12.
  • Prepare for meetings by printing individual student data with a comprehensive record of all your local and state data along with individual student plans, notes, attachments, and audit history (RtI, PGP, SSI, etc.)
  • Print data for individual students, or batch print multiple students at one time. Great for parent conferences, ARDs, and PLC meetings.
  • Utilize advanced search filters to identify students in specific subpopulations.


Allows users to create custom online forms for anything needed at the district or campus level.

  • Create online forms for anything at your district or campus (Monitoring Plans, Curriculum Walkthroughs, Surveys, Discipline forms, Requests and more!)
  • Forms can have an approval path, if desired
  • Collect data from completed forms and generate reports
  • Tie forms to individual students in applications such as Student Portfolio RtI, PGP HS, PGP Intervention or SSI

RtI - Response to Intervention

RtI is a complete web-based tool that will manage the Response to Intervention (RtI) process. All plans, progress monitoring, and data are in one easy to access location which provides a complete picture of each student and his/her progress. RtI will help districts and campuses improve student achievement, determine effectiveness of interventions, and make better decisions regarding student needs. All of the data is stored historically, so that there is a seamless trail of all RtI documentation and plans.

  • Consistent forms and documentation throughout the district
  • Utilizes the tiered model of intervention in developing plans
  • Interventions and Progress Monitoring in all plans
  • Documentation from other sources is easily uploaded in pdf format
  • Allows for flexibility in plan design based upon district requirements

PDAS - Professional Development & Appraisal System

The PDAS application is a user-friendly, web-based tool that allows districts to meet all the requirements of the Professional Development & Appraisal System. For added flexibility, teachers are able to submit and review their own self evaluations online and administrators have the option to conduct walkthroughs using ANY mobile device such as iPads or cell phones (including Android devices).

  • Web-based appraisal system
  • Teachers submit self-reports and view evaluations
  • Walkthroughs can be conducted on mobile devices for increased efficiency
  • Creates state-approved forms
  • Easy submission to regional service center


NOTE: DMAC will offer schools the ability to purchase either the PDAS or TTESS/T-PESS applications for the 2015-16 school year. Schools who purchase PDAS and then transition to the new appraisal system will not be charged twice for access to the software.

The new T-TESS/T-PESS software will be available in DMAC for the start of the school year and will include the necessary features to allow for the different types of appraisers and electronic documents needed.

Personal Graduation Plans

DMAC offers two modules to help schools create personal graduation plans at the middle school/junior high and high school campuses.

PGP High School - Formerly CAP

  • Meets state mandates outlined in HB5
  • Gives users the ability to set up courses and track credits
  • Quickly identify graduation plan, endorsement(s), program of study and selected courses for students.

PGP Intervention (MS/JH) -- *Formerly PGP

  • Meets requirements regarding personal graduation plans for middle/junior high students who are at-risk or who have not performed satisfactorily on a state assessment.

SIP - School Improvement Plan

Allows each campus/district to create a customized school improvement plan as required by state and federal law. Plans are maintained historically in the software system. A few mouse clicks allow educators to choose, customize, and monitor improvement plans.

  • Accessible by multiple users
  • Incorporate NCLB requirements
  • Upload additional documentation to customize plans
  • Monitor plan status
  • Automatic reconciliation of funds
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment module included for no additional cost

Texas Primary Reading Inventory

TPRI (English)

TPRI is a web-based program developed by DMAC for accumulating and analyzing primary reading inventory data. The Texas Primary Reading Inventory is a K-3 reading assessment that tracks emergent reader progress prior to standardized testing. This assessment, teamed with data collection software, gives schools a clear picture of student needs.

TejasLEE (Spanish)

TejasLEE is a Spanish Reading Inventory designed for accumulating and analyzing primary reading inventory data.

  • Maintain student records in an electronic form
  • Generate all TPRI and TejasLEE reports for students, parents, campuses, and districts
  • Easy data export to facilitate compliance with SB 1871

Utilities - DMAC System Management

Utilities is a free component of DMAC Solutions that allows administrators to manage the system by maintaining district and campus profiles, users accounts and class roster data. Utilities also provides individual users with the ability to update their own accounts.

  • View and edit region, district and campus profiles (administrators only)
  • Manage user accounts (administrators only)
  • Manage class roster data including creating, editing, and deleting teachers, students and classes
  • Maintain individual user accounts

2014-15 Updates

  • For the 2014-15 school year, the State Unique ID for teachers and students will be required on all Class Roster data files submitted to DMAC. Any records not containing a valid State Unique ID for both teachers and students will not be imported. DMAC is adding this requirement to be compliant with state-wide data standards. For questions about this change, please call the DMAC Help Desk at 1.866.988.6777.
  • To further protect any data submitted by schools, DMAC will only receive files uploaded via: 1) the DMAC Utilities application and 2) secure file transfer protocols (FTPS over SSL or SFTP over SSH). Protecting the data of our schools is a top priority; therefore, data will not be received through any other channels such as email or an unsecured FTP.

CIA Alignment

CIA (Curriculum Instruction and Alignment) is a web-based tool that allows educators to create a working document which contains each subject area’s scope, sequence, and reinforcement of STAAR for the year. Schools can ensure that all test objectives are taught in a timely fashion through curriculum alignment. CIA creates “living” curriculum maps to help schools stay on the road to success. Curriculum alignment is essential in meeting new NCLB standards. CIA will provide avenues for developing and maintaining “living” curriculum documents that provide both vertical and horizontal alignment.

  • Build and maintain curriculum maps complete with a reinforcement and assessment schedule
  • Create multiple maps per course (Regular and AP)
  • Ability to copy one map to another section or campus
  • Input multiple student expectations into a single map
  • Availability for inserting user notes for plans in a word processing format
  • Print curriculum maps using a variety of filters
  • Easily update your stored curriculum maps as changes occur

SSI - Student Success Initiative

SSI is a complete web-based tool that will assist districts and campuses with creating and managing the various reports required by the Student Success Initiative and the Grade Placement Committee manual. All documents and forms from grades 5-8 can be managed in the DMAC software. When districts/campuses utilize the DMAC software there is a seamless trail for all documents. All of the data is stored historically.

  • Create settings for all plans for the district
  • Search for students for an entire grade or customize searches through options available
  • Forms can be created for an entire grade, select group of students, or an individual student
  • Batch operations feature – allows users to complete multiple tasks with a few clicks
  • All forms (required & optional) can be created in the software
  • Data is imported from Class Roster for each student to assist in completion of the forms
  • A history is generated so there is an audit trail
  • Forms are available in both English and Spanish

Class Notes - Assignment Posting

Class Notes is a web-based site designed to allow students and parents to view classroom activities and assignments. By posting coursework and other information to this website, teachers can give parents the opportunity to stay up-to-date on their child’s schoolwork and progress in the classroom. In addition, students can view homework assignments and other class-related information from outside the classroom.

  • Online access provided to students, and parents to view classroom plans developed by local classroom teachers.

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