Data Analysis

Professional development that improves the learning of all students uses disaggregated student data to determine adult learning priorities, monitor progress, and help sustain continuous improvement. Data analysis is central to an array of Region 6 ESC services that are designed to support the learning school. Thoughtful and skillful analysis of data by stakeholders can transform random acts of school improvement into purposeful, results based efforts that will make a difference to both teachers and students. Workshops and on-site technical assistance is available to assist district and campus leaders sustain continuous improvement work. The critical success factor of using quality data to drive instruction is the focus of data analysis training and technical assistance.

Data Disaggregation Assistance

The Leadership and Accountability Department will assist campus and district teams in disaggregating data for the Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS) process to support school improvement needs. Data specialists can also provide a deep data study to focus instructional needs.  

Julia Woods