Counselor Workshops

Throughout the year, content-specific workshops will be provided to assist school counselors at all levels of the counseling program. For the 2015-16 school year, the following counselor workshops are scheduled:

New School Counselor Academy

A successful first year is possible! This workshop is designed to provide new school counselors with resources that will assist them in developing, managing, and implementing guidance and counseling programs on their campus. Academic, career, and personal/social counseling components will be addressed in this session with time available for networking. First-year school counselors and counselors with limited experience will receive information and handouts that can be used to assist students throughout the school year.

Elementary School Counselor Mini-Conference

This one-day conference is in partnership with the Sam Houston State University Department of Counselor Education. Sessions are designed to provide elementary school counselors with additional tools and resources that may assist them as they provide direct services to students, parents, and teachers. Components of a comprehensive, developmental guidance program will be emphasized. Topics included in the workshop will promote the delivery of a relevant curriculum using varied classroom and group guidance activities. Networking and interactive discussions will help to maximize this professional development opportunity.

School Counselor Role in Implementing HB 5

After the first year of implementation, many questions have arisen and clarification may be needed regarding HB 5. Secondary school counselors help students and their parents to navigate the opportunities available through the defined legislative mandates. This session will review the role and responsibilities of the school counselor in this process and incorporates recommendations as defined in the TEA Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program Model. Counselors will review the laws approved during the most recent legislative session that impact student planning and success.

Connecting Careers to HB 5 Endorsements

Counselors work as part of a team to help implement HB 5. This session will feature a presentation by representative(s) from the Texas Workforce Commission. Labor Market Data and career data will be presented for ESC 6’s region. Information on fast-growing and high demand careers will be presented as they correlate with the Texas HB 5 endorsement options.

Robert Fait