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Cooperative Purchasing

Vendors interested in doing business with Region 6 ESC and its member districts are encouraged to register with the ESC6 eMarketplace e-bidding and supplier management system. This web-based system permits electronic vendor registration, automatic vendor notification of bid opportunities and electronic bid submission.

Region 6 ESC and its member districts use an on-line electronic procurement system. This electronic procurement system allow Region 6 ESC and its member districts to maintain accurate information about ESC6 eMarketplace registered vendors and the goods and services they offer. It electronically notifies those registered vendors of applicable bid opportunities. In addition, it allows registered vendors to electronically submit bids to ESC6 and some of its member districts.

If you wish to be considered for ESC6 eMarketplace electronic notification of bid opportunities that meet your company’s profile and expertise, please register on line. There is no charge to register. Submittal of a vendor application does not imply or guarantee award.

All bid notifications will be sent to the e-mail address on file so it is imperative that the vendor information be kept current. You are encouraged to include more than one company “User” when you register. It is the sole responsibility of each vendor to maintain and update their company’s information on the e-bidding site.

Region 6 Interlocal Purchasing Cooperative
Region 6 provides the administration and organization of the Interlocal Purchasing Cooperative to initiate and facilitate all activities related to the bidding and vendor selection process. Approved contracts are available to members of the Interlocal Cooperative for office supplies & furniture, instructional, technology, and athletic & first aid supplies, as well as library books, custom clothing, and awards & trophies.  Contracts are awarded on an annual basis and are valid July 1 of each year through June 30 of the following year.
Please see below for annual contracts.
Contact: Nancy Mowry,  

Choice Partners - HCDE
Region 6, in coordination with Choice Partners, provides participating districts access to legal, competitively bid, best value contracts for products and services, including energy, facilities services, food, furniture, instructional materials, office supplies, technology and more.  
Contact: Nancy Mowry,

Region IV Purchasing Cooperative - TCPN
Region 6, in coordination with Region IV, provides participating school districts ways to save time and money in the purchasing process. Competitive price solicitation and bulk purchasing provide benefits unobtainable by individual districts. Also provided are quick and efficient delivery of goods, service credibility, confidence in business procedures, and sources for computers, monitors, software, and networking products.  
"Region IV Store"
Contact: Nancy Mowry,  

Region VIII Purchasing Cooperative - TIPS
Region 6, in coordination with Region VIII, provides participating districts assistance in acquiring goods and services.  Equalizing of purchasing power for smaller entities is also offered through competitive price solicitation and bulk purchasing for government entities that yields economic benefits.  Quick and efficient delivery, as well as complying with purchasing laws, are also offered with membership in TIPS.
Contact: Nancy Mowry,

Texas Association of School Boards Statewide Purchasing Cooperative - BuyBoard
Region 6, in coordination with TASB, provides participating districts access to the lowest cost of products and services through this statewide cooperative. Opportunities provided include greater efficiency and economy, instant ordering through an Internet buyboard, access to online catalogs, numerous bid categories, district input to quantities and vendors, vendors interface, and software training.
Contact: Nancy Mowry,  

The Store @ Region 6
The Store provides school districts with selected supplies throughout the year. Unit costs are substantially lowered through need consolidation and utilization of bulk purchasing. The Store price list is available at:
• AV bulbs (DYS, ENX, EYB, etc.)
• CD/DVD's
• Batteries
• Laminating Film
• Transparencies
"The Store" Price List
Contact: Nancy Mowry,

Texas Correctional Industries-TCI
Texas Correctional Industries (TCI) of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) began operations in 1963 with the passage of Senate Bill 338, authorizing the Department of Corrections to sell prison-made goods to all tax supported agencies and political subdivisions.
Contact: Nancy Mowry,


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