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GED Testing

GED©, General Education Development, testing is offered by the Region 6 Education Service Center at various testing sites within the region. In order to take the GED©, an examinee must meet the following requirements:

  • 16 yrs old: ONLY can test if they have a court order with the docket number and judge’s signature on it, AND have a valid government issued identification card with photo and date of birth.
  • 17 yrs old: MUST have withdrawal papers from the last school attended AND parent permission form completed, AND have a valid government issued identification card with photo and date of birth.
  • 18 yrs old or Older: MUST have a valid government issued identification card with photo and date of birth. Be a resident of the State of Texas.
  • Be officially withdrawn from school and must not have received a high school diploma from an accredited high school in the United States.

Regardless of the examinee’s age or circumstance everyone must bring their valid ID (i.e. TX DL, TX ID, US Passport.) with photo and birth date information on it to each testing session or the examinee will not be allowed to test. No Exceptions.

Any person wanting to take the GED© test must attend a mandatory registration. These registrations are held monthly at various locations and times. Usually they are conducted two weeks before any test. All paperwork and payments must be completed prior to the scheduled testing session. No payments are taken on the testing day. Scores: A minimum score of 410 must be earned on each subject in order to pass but on average a score of 450 is required to obtain an overall score of 2250 in order to receive the GED©.

If an examinee makes less than a 410 on any portion of the GED©, they must retest in all failed subject(s).

Anyone needing to retest should come to registration to be cleared for retest, pay fees and register for the appropriate testing session.

If an examinee passes every subject but does not have a combined score of 2250 to receive the GED©, that student may retest in any subject in order to complete or raise the scores to reach the 2250 requirement.

A person that has passed the full GED© cannot retake any portion in order to raise scores or for any other reason. Please do not call the office searching for results; we cannot give information out.

Payment: The GED© full battery test (all five subjects) is $100 for first time testers and $25 for each re-test. All payments must be in the form of a money order, cashier’s check, or credit card. No cash or personal checks will be accepted. The student has one full year from date of payment to complete their GED© at no extra charge. Students who fail to attend the scheduled test date will be charged a $25 service fee, if they do not cancel 24 hours before the test date. No exceptions.

Accommodations: Accommodations are available for those students who have an academic need for special provisions. These accommodations must be requested by the student or their parents/guardians. There are different types of accommodations and therefore the request must be as specific as possible. The paperwork must be completed by an attending physician or advocate, signed by the student/parents and returned to the Chief Examiner of Region 6 ESC. Providing all necessary papers are completed, the Chief Examiner will sign and send them to Austin for processing. This can be a lengthy procedure and can take up to 6 months. If the accommodations are approved then Region 6 ESC will receive notification of what accommodations are to be provided to the examinee. If the accommodations are denied, the student has the right to appeal the decision. If you have any questions please call our office at 936-435-8367.  

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Kristi Hayman,  
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$100 Full Battery—First Time Tester
$25 Each Content Re-Test

All testers can not test without attending registration first.

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