Committed to the interface between Region 6 Education Service Center and our school districts. The communications component provides for the dissemination of information to and from regional schools, institutions of higher education, education service center and the state education agency.

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Adult Education

The Adult Education Department (AED) provides instruction designed for out-of-school individuals that are at or beyond the age compulsory school attendance and who function at less than secondary school completion level.

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Business Services

Business Services helps districts strengthen financial stability and accountability through business office services and purchasing compliance.

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Computer Services

Computer Services provides administrative software and support to enable Texas school districts and charter schools to conduct daily operations in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

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Leadership and Accountability

The Leadership and Accountability department supports the needs of campus and district administrators.

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Lesson Study

Texas Lesson Study (TXLS) is inquiry-based, job-embedded professional development where teachers work collaboratively to develop, teach, and assess research-based lessons. Training and meeting schedules for TXLS are tailored to fit each campus' needs. Teacher-designed lessons created as part of TXLS are video recorded and available on the Texas Gateway. TXLS is part of the TEA Strategic Plan 2017–2021, set forth by Commissioner Mike Morath.

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Safety Education and Training

The Safety Education and Training Department (SET) provides hands on and classroom instruction, training, and certifications to a variety of individuals by offering an assortment of safety programs that meet a wide range of individual needs.

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Special Education

The Special Education department provides technical assistance and training in the development, implementation and evaluation of programs serving students with disabilities for increased student achievement.

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Special Programs, Compliance, and Monitoring

The Special Programs department provides professional development and technical assistance in program information, program planning, program compliance and monitoring, fiscal information, fiscal planning, and program evaluations.

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The Curriculum and Instruction Department assists districts in helping students meet state and federal standards by providing instruction in effective teaching strategies, the delivery of a rigorous curriculum, and offering technical assistance for the successful implementation of state and federal initiatives.

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Technology Services

Technology Services provides resources and support for the integration of technology into instruction.

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