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Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction

Increasing student achievement is the target of the technical assistance and training provided in this function. Effective teaching practices, modifications and accommodations, cooperative learning, and collaborative teaching models are but a few of the staff development topics. In addition, information and assistance is available to districts on state assessments, curriculum-based assessment, IEP development, and the pre-referral process. Information and access to Promising Practices is available.
Beth Nesmith

Progress in the General Curriculum:

  • PGC Resources are statewide guidance documents covering important topics such as co-teaching, LRE, IEP, paraprofessionals, Specially-Designed Instruction and Grading.
  • "The IEP Goal Development in Texas" on-line training, WS #PD160901-A49, is available through the ESC-20 iLearning website