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Master Reading Teacher

Master Reading Teacher Preparation and Certification Program (MRTPCP)

House Bill 2307 in 1999 created the Master Reading Teacher Grant Program intending to increase the reading ability of Texas school children, particularly those in high needs campuses. Schools, especially those on the designated list, are encouraged to select teachers for training in the MRT Program. Additionally, schools desiring a reading coach will benefit from the program.

The Region 6 ESC MRTPCP is designed to prepare participants to take and pass the ExCET exam for the MRT Certification.
The training covers six standards:

  1. Phonological Awareness & Oral Language
  2. Assessments
  3. Reading Instruction & State Mandates
  4. ESL/Bilingual
  5. Reading Difficulties, including Dyslexia
  6. Coaching, Mentoring, & Collaborating

The Region 6 ESC program is available as follows:

MRT Coursework may be completed by persons who have a Master’s Degree and are certified Reading Specialists. They do not take the TExMaT but must fulfill program requirements successfully to be recommended for the certification.

It is also offered for those with at least three years teaching experience, are teaching reading, are assigned to a campus, and will be expected to coach, mentor, and collaborate with others on their campuses when they complete and pass the TExMaT.

Dr. Traci Seils, Component Director for Curriculum & Instruction,