Region 6 Education Service Center

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Bilingual/ESL Services

Bilingual/ESL Services

The Bilingual/English as a Second Language (ESL) Contracted Fee Service provides program assistance in the development, implementation and evaluation of effective, compliant Bilingual and ESL state required program components that serve English language learners.  Technical assistance and professional development provided through the fee service include but are not limited to:

Technical assistance in:

  • Directors'  meetings and electronic correspondence to receive information and updates
  • Accountability and performance measures pertinent to English language learners
  • Individualized Bilingual and ESL program planning, development, implementation and evaluation
  • Bilingual exceptions and ESL waivers
  • Bilingual and ESL program compliance
  • Bilingual and ESL resource information
  • The use of state Bilingual Education Allotment funds
Regional training opportunities in the areas of:
  • Language Proficiency Assessment Committee Framework and Assessment Decision-making
  • Overviews to help prepare for the Supplemental ESL TExES Exam
  • Instructional strategies for classrooms with English language learners
  • Assessment instruments such as various state approved oral language proficiency tests and Tejas LEE
  • State assessments for English language learners
  • Basic overview and implementation of the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS)
Program contacts:
Robin Oberg
Sandy Garcia
Cristina Woods