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At a time when every dollar counts, Educational Purchasing Interlocal Cooperative @ Region 6 (EPIC6) is ready to partner with you for the challenge.  Contracts ranging from office supplies and instructional supplies to technology services and JOC's are competitively bid and awarded, meeting all current applicable procurement laws and regulations.

There is no cost for membership and open to all K-12 School Districts, Colleges and Universities, Cities and Municipalities, Counties, State Agencies, Private Schools, and Charter Schools in the State of Texas.

For more information, contact Nancy M. Mowry at

Meeting Tomorrow's Purchasing Needs Today

2016-2017 EPIC6 Awarded Vendor Contract

Awarded Contract Vendors

Awarded Contract Submissions


Additional Purchasing Service

The Store @ ESC6
The Store provides school districts with selected supplies throughout the year. Unit costs are substantially lowered through need consolidation and utilization of bulk purchasing.
  • AV bulbs (DYS, ENX, EYB, etc.)
  • Batteries
  • Laminating Film
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