Safety Education and Training

The Safety Education and Training Department (SET) provides hands on and classroom instruction, training, and certifications to a variety of individuals including: district students, staff, trainers, employees, parents, and the community by offering an assortment of safety programs that meet a wide range of individual needs. The department is structured to provide safety trainings and information that will benefit K-12 and beyond with an emphasis in Traffic Safety. We are striving to promote all areas of “SAFETY” (Safety Alliance Foundation for Educating Texas Youth) in our region and across Texas.

Service Areas:

  • Alcohol Drug and Safety Training Education Program “AD-A-STEP” for Life featuring Kid BOTS
  • Computer Science I and II (TXVSN)
  • Driver Education Classroom, Simulation and In Car Instruction
  • Driver Education 32 Hour License On Line “LOL” Program - Statewide service
  • Driver Education Parent Taught Course 101 Online - Statewide service
  • Driver Education Parent Taught Course 106 “Ready SET Drive” - Statewide service
  • Driver Education Teacher Certification Training - Statewide service
  • Driver Education Traffic SAFETY Curriculum Materials - Statewide service
  • Driver Education TXVSN 56 Hour Virtual Classroom Instruction - Statewide service
  • Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program (DADAP) Instruction for Insurance Discount
  • Everyone S.H.A.R.E. the Road Program
  • School Bus Driver Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium
  • School Bus Driver Training 20 Hour Certification and 8 Hour Recertification Training
  • School Bus Safety Presentation (featuring Betty/Buster the Bus)
  • School Bus Safety Route Audit
  • School Bus Safety Training 101 Program
  • School Bus Simulation Training
  • Student Training in Occupant Protection “STOP” Program
  • Traffic SAFETY Education Staff Improvement Program - Statewide service

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